Automation decreases Cycle Time

Wednesday, May 18, 2011 by Tan
Automation using Excel macros is finding its deserving position amongst many businesses. This article talks about the benefits that automation using Excel macros brings to a business.

Excel macros have proved over the last few years that technology driven automation of regular and repetitive works can reduce the turnaround time, increase productivity and will always ensure better quality and hence, benefit business.

In reporting and analysis sector, we come across huge data that has to be processed, analyzed and employed daily to get analysis and reports that impact our business. There exist huge amount of repetitive work that is also time taking, prone to manual errors and in terms of quality are nothing but a waste or Muda. Automation of these reports can complete the entire process quickly and hence, can easily reduce the turnaround time. Excel macros are the perfect automation tools that we can get in a reporting and analysis environment. They can help us not only in getting the process done quickly, but also can eradicate human errors. With zero human errors we do not waste time on re-work and hence, a lot of direct and indirect resources are saved. This has a direct impact on our business.

Excel macros show us how technology benefits business. This technology has changed the way one used to look at raw data that has to be analyzed and converted into useful business information. Loads of data can now be processed within minutes using Excel macros and the analysis becomes easier, with zero error and better quality data. These macros can be run from any machine and by anyone and a business utilizing this technology can reduce the overall headcount too. Automation using Excel macros can do the job otherwise manually done by many employees, with a quality output, zero errors and within a faster turnaround time. When the cycle time is reduced and you do not need to worry about doing a re-work on the project, you can rest assured that this will technology will benefit the business in both monetary terms and in gathering better customer satisfaction.
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