About The Code Point

by Tan

The Code Point 
A brainchild of Vinay and Tan.

As the description tells, this is not a text book, which will help someone to learn codes and programming from the scratch. However, one can come here and look for codes that can be used in coding projects. Here the authors and guest authors will talk about Macros used in various MS Office Applications, such as Excel, Access, Word and PowerPoint. We will also talk about scripting techniques with a hope that it caters to the readers' needs. Make it interactive, by contributing and discussing about codes with the authors. Contact authors for more in depth analysis and assistance.

The blog is hosted with an intention to share the new things that the authors come across while learning various scripting and programming languages and techniques. The idea is to publish Scripting and Macro recipes. At times, the smallest thing that skips our mind while studying may actually be of huge help to someone somewhere, who might be stuck somewhere in his own coding. The Code Point would aim towards publishing those small but essential things, that interest the authours, that they feel can be useful to the programmers around the world. Now, this does not stop here. The Code Point would also aim towards posting some codes which can be directly used in your programs.

It will always be good, if you also walk an extra mile and contribute towards this endeavor. Hop in with all your codes and with whatever you feel can be shared here. Remember, knowledge increases by sharing. So, let’s share. Contact the authors if you want to contribute some ad hoc posts or you want to be a guest contributor. Come with an open mind and be sure, you will not leave empty-handed.

Lets Learn and Grow together!
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