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Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by Tan
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Ever wanted to get the Age of a person in Excel? Yes, often we come across a situation when we need to calculate that. I am sure using Excel VBA, it will be very easy; however, I will show you a way to get the results, in Years, Months and Days without using VBA. Sounds good, right? OK then... Check this out:

We need to know the date of birth of the person to calculate his or her age, right? Given that the date of birth of the person is in cell A1, we can use the following formula to calculate his age in excel:

=DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"y") & " years " & DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"ym") & " months " & DATEDIF(A1,TODAY(),"md") & " days "

We might use this formula while calculating the age of a person in excel 2000, 2003, 2007 and even 2010. The same formula works. I like this, because it uses a function DatedIf which we normally do not use; and all of it is done without using VBA.

Try this out and let me know...
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Mamaw 27 said...

Thank you for this formula. Do you have a formula for calculating a person's age using a birth date (month, day, year) and a death date (month, day, year) with the birthdate being pre-1900? I know some about Excel but not a whole lot. Thank you

Tan said...

Hello Mamaw27,

Do you still need the formula?
If yes, please give some details with a couple sample dates...