Introduction: Scripting in Avaya

Saturday, April 3, 2010 by Tan
First of all, let me tell you that this post is relevant only to the users of Avaya and one who has not used the machine or the software associated with the same may find all this Greek.

A lot of people who use Avaya Call Management System in their day to day life to extract Avaya Telephony data would know the pain involved in extracting data on half hourly, hourly, daily or weekly basis for each split skill they are involved in. If one needs to extract hourly data for a week’s period for 10 split skills, it would mean login into Avaya and after selecting the right view set, one would put in split skill info 24 × 7 × 10 = 1680 times to extract as many dumps. This, considering you need to put only one variable in your query while extracting data.

Just think of a situation, where you are having lunch and someone is extracting the data and saving the dumps with a right naming convention in your computer. You come back and see all the data there – all you need to do is to consolidate those and se the report that you want to. And if you have another macro for consolidating the dumps the way you want, that would be more like it!

Well, while consolidation of data needs to be done on our own, extraction of data is possible with Avaya Scripting. Avaya provides an option to extract and save the dumps based on auto generated scripts. Depending on the view sets chosen and the types of data needed, Avaya generates a script on its own while extracting the dumps. If this script is saved and run at a later stage, the same dump will be extracted, generated and saved in your local computer. All this without having to login to Avaya CMS and putting the variables manually!

This introduction to Avaya Scripting does not have the scope to tell about the same in more details; however, watch this space for more on Avaya, Avaya Scripting and the tweaks that would be necessary to achieve complete automation of Avaya. We will explore more into Avaya and everything that is possible with Avaya Scripting.
Stay tuned!
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