Lets Learn and Grow together!

Saturday, February 20, 2010 by Tan

Welcome to The Code Point.

If you look at the Establishment date at the right, you will find a huge gap between that day and the day you see the first post on this blog. Yes! Three years! This blog was initially built with an aim to put all my programming ideas and software. Well, I will do the same from here onwards too, but the motive has changed a bit. Now, it will be more of sharing and a two way learning process, where the reader also come up and contribute in the same.

Wish us luck! Wish us all the good things in the world, that can bring some fortune to this blog. All what we want is am interactive blog where you not only learn, but also get a chance to share your own knowledge.

So fasten your seatbelts. Get ready for a joy ride. What we would look forward to is your feedbacks and your contribution to the blog. Come with an open mind and browse the ever increasing realm of Scripting, Macros and Programming as a whole. 

Lets learn and grow together!
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